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sheldon/penny | tbbt
61 icons
Ugly Betty [6 icons, 2 animated]
How I met your mother? [5 icons, 1 animated]
Friends [26 icons, 9 animated]
Scrubs [6 icons, 3 animated]
Gossip girl [5 icons]
Cold case [8 animated]
Rachel Bilson [5 icons]

aww these are gorgeous! snagging some. crediting when I use.

As always, I love your D/B icons. ♥ Definitely snagging all of them and crediting when used. ;) Thank you again for sharing them, sweetie!

aww. thank you :)
that's mean a lot to me ♥

saved a couple. robin/ted is so underrated - i love them together!

thank you ;)
i love them too ;) I hope they get back together :]

Gorgeous! Your animated icons are awesome :D

Love the Dan and Serena icons

i love those. beautiful colouring!

(Deleted comment)

I used photoshop and imageReady ;)

Danny and Lily...its lovee!

OMG I love all of these! Amazing job! Snagging a bunch and will credit of course!

LOL I love the chandler bing one where he pops in!!

enjoy ;)

Chandler is awesome xD

I love the second "chandler bing bing bing etc." XD

and i don't know what's going on on "cold case" now, haven't caught up with it yet, but when are lilly and scotty gonna get it on??!

anyway, great icons! :D

thank you <3

you know that's my old icons ;)
unfortunately i have no idea what's going on with Lilly and Scotty in new season ;|

WOW - these are fantastic! I took a bunch of the animated Friends, animated Scrubs and all of the Cold Case icons. I'll definitely credit when used - thanks so much for making these. =)

thank you <3
i'm glad you like them ;)

Awesome!! I love the Detty ones (specially the first one. Go Daniel. Go Daniel. Hahaha!).

So great! Took some Friends and Cold Case :D

awesome icons. love the scrubs ones!

Love your CC icons! Would you mind posting them at coldcase_tv? Thanks! :)

*yay* thank you ;)
of course i'm posting them at coldcase_tv :D

Thanks! "together forever" :)

i love Jd and Elliot together ;)

amazing! I love them ^^

"Go Daniel, go Daniel!!"
"We talked about that"
That was hilarious! Nice icons!

i love this moment :lol:
thanks! ;)

very nice job!
cudne, cudne! wiesz dobrze, że ja uwielbiam Twoje prace. :*

bardzo, bardzo dziękuję ;*
teraz czekam na cos od Ciebie :D

Snagging some of the Friends icons

OoO love the Friends icons! Memming to come back later. :)

i'm glad you like them! ;)

saved some scrubs icons, will credit if used :)

Beautiful! I love the slightly retro feel of the D/B ones :D Snagged some and will credit, of course!


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