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61 icons
Ugly Betty [6 icons, 2 animated]
How I met your mother? [5 icons, 1 animated]
Friends [26 icons, 9 animated]
Scrubs [6 icons, 3 animated]
Gossip girl [5 icons]
Cold case [8 animated]
Rachel Bilson [5 icons]

i'll be there for you.Collapse )

awesome icons. love the scrubs ones!

Love your CC icons! Would you mind posting them at coldcase_tv? Thanks! :)

*yay* thank you ;)
of course i'm posting them at coldcase_tv :D

Thanks! "together forever" :)

i love Jd and Elliot together ;)

amazing! I love them ^^

"Go Daniel, go Daniel!!"
"We talked about that"
That was hilarious! Nice icons!

i love this moment :lol:
thanks! ;)

very nice job!
cudne, cudne! wiesz dobrze, że ja uwielbiam Twoje prace. :*

bardzo, bardzo dziękuję ;*
teraz czekam na cos od Ciebie :D

Snagging some of the Friends icons

OoO love the Friends icons! Memming to come back later. :)

i'm glad you like them! ;)

saved some scrubs icons, will credit if used :)

Beautiful! I love the slightly retro feel of the D/B ones :D Snagged some and will credit, of course!

COLD CASE!! Thank you for making these, they're gorgeous!

aww. i'm glad you like them! ;)

Love the FRIENDS and Cold Case icons! <3.
Thank you!

Love the Cold Case ones, especially #2. :)

(Deleted comment)
Where is the fat Monica dancing icon from?! I've seen fat Monica dance in season 6, but not in season 2!

I found her on "Friends Season 1-5 & 10 Gag Reel (Bloopers)" ;)


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